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With two decades dedicated to Aerospace assembly, AIT has amassed a wealth of experience as a leading prime contractor and factory integrator.

By collaborating/working with major Aerospace companies, AIT has developed a solutions-oriented engineering expertise about what customers need, what works best, what doesn’t work, and applies that knowledge to future programs.

AIT has manufactured, delivered, and maintained hundreds of positioning machines in the Aerospace industry, and many of the systems share a standard design. AIT can modify this design to exactly match the unique requirements for each project.

Because we are able to use a standard design for each project, AIT can provide the shortest lead time and most reliable system in the industry.

AIT Technology Advantages and Customer Benefits

Our precision-engineered technology has enhanced the industry’s ability to manufacture aircraft in less time and with greater exactness and flexibility. For our customers, that translates into increased manufacturing efficiencies, shorter cycle times, and less retooling.

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