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Boeing 787 Final Assembly

Everett, WA

As their prime complete project integrator, AIT held several major responsibilities in the total scope of the 787 program. For final assembly and body join, we delivered automated assembly systems and an automated positioning system for various section-to-fuselage joins.

  • Delivered 2 automated assembly systems and 1 positioning system
  • Features
    • Join Section 41 (FWD fuselage), Section 12 L&R (wings), and Section 47/48 (AFT fuselage) to the mid-fuselage
    • Include 14 positioners mounted to transportation structures that move independently or interlocked and indexed to factory floor for stability
    • Include 2 major subassemblies: forward/aft body positioners and left/right wing positioners; split further for transportation into left- and right-hand minor subassemblies
    • Provide real-time positional measurement data with an integrated indoor GPS
    • Design alignment and positioning systems that can be rolled under aircraft dollies after aircraft brought into factory, reducing equipment needs and positioning steps

Process Highlights
The 14 automated positioning system components were moved into their respective positions near the cradle dollies and then engaged to lift and move the airplane components.  Once the system is rigidly joined together, a measurement system locates the airplane sections; this information is then fed into AIT's system software application.  From that data, the system calculates how much each section (nose, tail, left wing, and right wing) needs to be moved to ensure an exact fit to the adjoining sections.  This precise alignment process ensures a smooth build.

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