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Boeing 787 Horizontal Stabilizer/HVA Installation Tool

Everett, WA

AIT also provided total project integration for the three assembly systems - Horizontal Stabilizer, Vertical Fin, and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Installation Tool – using two subassembly platforms to facilitate the assembly join of aft fuselage. This new equipment revolutionized aircraft assembly and replaced the antiquated crane system that once dominated factory floor space and labor and also limited flexibility.

  • Provided two subassembly platforms that join around aft fuselage
  • Include jib-crane-style material handling system, alignment and positioning system for horizontal stabilizer/tail cone assembly, and elevator system for APU installation



  • Lift and move aft assemblies for join process
  • Ensure precision joining of aft components


  • Replace large, labor-intensive crane systems of past
  • Speed assembly process of new composite structures
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