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Global Aeronautica 787 Mid/Aft Body And Wing Join

As sole supplier, AIT was engaged for two separate projects with Global Aeronautica. For the first project, AIT was the prime contractor/integrator to design, fabricate, and install the 787 Dreamliner automated flexible positioning and assembly system used to join the Section 45/11 (center wing well and center wing box) mate to Sections 43, 44, and 46 (forward and center fuselage sections, 19’ diameter and 84’ long when joined). As their facility integrator, AIT also worked with Global Aeronautica to design the factory flow of their new 334,000-square-foot building, where they integrate, test, and apply surface finish to more than 60% of the 787 fuselage. As such, AIT served as facility integrator for the mid- and aft-body joins assembly lines, which encompassed joined Sections 43, 44, 45/11, 46 with Sections 47/48. The integrator scope for the assembly line included seven separate positions, each with individual system integration components and transportation between. In its role, AIT provided turnkey integration, support, capital equipment, tooling, and automation for the entire process.

  • Delivered automated flexible positioning and assembly system to join Sections 45/11 with Sections 43, 44, and 46
    • Include automated transfer dollies and integrated work platforms
    • Measure key features on four section assemblies for precise alignment
    • Position accurately with feedback from integrated Laser Trackers
  • Served as facility integrator for mid- and aft-body (Sections 43, 44, 45/11, 46, 47, 48) join assembly lines
    • Provide components for major barrel join, under wing and over wing system integration, as well as fairing and continued over and under-wing installations
    • Provide systems install for Sections 47 and 48, and systems install for both mid- and aft-bodies
  • Utilized automated circumferential and side of body drilling machines
    • Drill upper portion of fuselage sections


  • Substantially reduce labor costs
  • Streamline assembly line process
  • Improve quality with laser tracking and in-process quality check
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