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CASA DO728 Wing Assembly

San Pablo, Spain

AIT was the prime contractor/integrator to design, fabricate and, install the DO728 Automated Wing Assembly Tooling at CASA's San Pablo facility near Seville, Spain. The facility includes an automated wing alignment and join tool that incorporates AIT-designed lasers and targets, together with wing transportation dollies and associated tooling including drill jigs.

The tooling allows for rapid alignment of the wings for drilling and other operations, separation for clean and debur, and re-alignment for fastening as well as rapid transport of the wings between holding fixtures, and rapid disassembly of the wing for shipping. The system was put into production in July 2001.

Project Features

  • AIT prime contractor/integrator - sole supplier to CASA
  • Automated wing alignment and join tool
  • Automatic transport of wing assembly between stations
  • AIT designed lasers and targets
  • All automation and tooling including drill jigs provided by AIT
  • Rapid wing alignment for drilling and other operations
  • Rapid disassembly of wWings for shipment
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