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Global Aeronautica 787 Side Of Body Driller

Charleston, SC

The AIT side of body driller is a portable driller that may be moved between different assembly lines, as required.


Project Features

  • Stationary 4-axis drilling machine
  • Drill and countersink fastener holes in 44 to 45/11 side of body
  • Scan-and-correct feature used to index driller to subassembly
  • Drilling data presented to operator in M&G format and GUI
  • Right-sized, lean manufacturing equipment
  • Reduced tooling costs resulting from engineering changes
  • Increas flexibility and ergonomics
  • Integral pressure foot clamp-up
  • HSK-50C Tool Changer
  • Onboard lubrication and vacuum system
  • Drillers built complete at AIT Canada
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