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In-House Fabrication

To make systems more affordable and reduce lead time, AIT performs manufacturing and mechanical detailing at our location in Chesterfield Twp, Michigan (AIT Tooling). This high-precision fabrication, machining, and assembly facility was created to serve the emerging high-technology tooling needs of the Aerospace and other industries.

AIT’s years of fabrication and assembly experience plus uncompromising attention to detail ensure the success of both turnkey and individual-component projects.

AIT understands all phases of managing and implementing a complex project from the design stage to full operation and is committed to fulfilling customer quality standards and delivery requirements.

By leveraging the capabilities at the Chesterfield location, AIT can:

  • Maximize its 200,000+ square feet of facility space
  • Integrate functional capabilities
  • Reduce lead times
  • Increase reliability and affordability


Fabrication of the 767 NCDJ
Fabrication of the 767 NCDJ

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