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Cirrus Vision SF50 Molds By AIT Michigan

All Carbon Fuselage for C0

Written by Cirrus Aircraft on September 27, 2013

The Vision SF50 development reached a tremendous milestone with the recent creation of an all carbon fuselage structure. This single piece pressure vessel is the most technically challenging part Cirrus has ever produced, and is an industry leader featuring innovative advancements in process, materials, and design. The fuselage is molded from the outside in using optimized carbon, allowing the structure to be light weight, yet structurally durable. This unique molding process gives engineers the freedom to tailor different ply schedules in various areas of the fuselage, creating a strong, structurally sound body.

Designing the fuselage with integral pressure bulkheads and window frames created a cutting edge, aerodynamic shape and eliminated the need for bonded or bolted joints.

Upon completion, the fuselage will be tested for structural integrity using state of the art, ultrasonic, non-destructive inspection (NDI) techniques. In addition, the fuselage will undergo static testing for proof loads to assure its capability as a flight test aircraft. These inspections assure that the one piece, pressure vessel is incredibly durable and light weight resulting in greater customer value and utility.

Cirrus will use this single piece, carbon fuselage for the C0 flight test aircraft.

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