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AIT Celebrates 20-Year Milestone


PLANO, TX, - December 4, 2012 -  Advanced Integration Technology (AIT) celebrates its 20-year anniversary this year as a leading provider of fully integrated factory automation solutions and complex, high-precision tooling to the aerospace industry. Founded with a small core of engineers in 1992 to assist Boeing in streamlining the 777 assembly process, AIT has since lead the modernization of airframe assembly techniques, growing along the way into a multinational company with just under 500 employees in six locations worldwide.

Over the past 20 years, AIT has participated in nearly every major automated airframe assembly program, including Boeing 737, 747, 767, 777, 787 and F/A-18E/F; Lockheed Martin F-22 and F-35; Airbus A340, A350, and A400M; Bombardier Learjet BD100/Challenger 300, CSeries and Learjet L85; and Gulfstream 650 – among others.

Throughout the years, AIT has continually leveraged the innovation, creativity and experience of its talented engineers into the design of every program, tool and piece of equipment.  As a result, AIT’s customers enjoy increased efficiencies, shorter production times, less retooling and improved product quality.

AIT’s industry experience extends to the latest, cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes, including fabrication and assembly of carbon fiber and composite materials increasingly being used in aircraft production.

 “What’s made us successful is our commitment to providing the best possible solution to our customers,” said AIT President and Co-founder Ed Chalupa. “Because we’ve supplied hundreds of automation systems throughout the aerospace industry, we’re able to leverage our expertise to every new program on behalf of our customers. In simple terms: We know how to build airplanes. We take our experience with every project and apply that experience to the next one. It’s our value proposition.”

AIT has positioned itself for future growth by optimizing its strategic locations with dedicated functions to support its customers’ needs. The company’s Seattle office provides precision machine and tooling design. The AIT Spain office provides tooling design and project management support. In Detroit, AIT’s 300,000+-square-foot manufacturing facility designs, fabricates and assembles precision-manufactured tooling and equipment. In addition, at the company’s 112,000-square-foot manufacturing location just outside of Vancouver, AIT manufactures, assembles and installs automation tooling and machines including join systems and fuselage assembly systems. AIT’s Sweden office is devoted to the design and development of automated guided vehicles and other mobile material handling solutions. The Plano headquarters provides automation and electrical engineering, software development, testing, project management and quality assurance, and also houses the company’s executive personnel.

“This major milestone can be attributed to the vast experience of our employees,” said Mr. Chalupa. “I am thankful for the dedication and support of so many of my colleagues and look forward to many more years of endured success.”

About AIT

Founded in 1992, AIT is a leading industrial automation and tooling company delivering fully integrated systems and tooling to the aerospace industry. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install machines and systems for the automated assembly of aerospace structures, including fuselage, wings, and empennage. AIT has a leading position as the predominant integrator and prime contractor to the world’s foremost aerospace companies, with hundreds of systems installed worldwide. Learn more at www.aint.com.

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