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Langley, B.C. Contact Information

AIT Canada - Automated Tooling
26977 56th Avenue
Langley, BC V4W 3Y2
Phone: 604-856-8939
Fax: 604-856-8993

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Specializing in industrial automation tooling, AIT Canada is a leading tooling manufacturer delivering a  broad range of custom equipment, machines, and finished materials used throughout the world.

In its 146,000-square-foot facilities in Langley conveniently located close to Vancouver and U.S. border, AIT Canada specializes in high-precision fabrication, machining, and assembly to serve emerging high-technology tooling needs. These include entire assembly systems, subassemblies, and individual parts.

With on-site manufacturing and the highest aerospace industry standards, AIT Canada maintains strict quality and production control through the entire process, guaranteeing superior product quality and reliability. 

Range of Services:

  • Industrial engineering
    –  Multi-disciplinary focus on complex engineering projects
  • Machines, equipment, and systems design
  • Fabrication and machining
  • Assembly
    –   Fully integrated floor systems
    –   Automated assemlby systems
    –   Automated drilling systems
    –   Equipment and machines
    –   Tooling and working platforms
  • Quality assurance and testing


Technology Overview:

  • Lean, right-size, flexible automation
  • Precision-engineered technology for increased manufacturing efficiencies, shorter cycle times, and less retooling
  • Aerospace-quality manufacturing design, engineering, and tooling
  • Mobile NC drilling jigs
  • Laser alignment in-process inspection


AIT Canada has received certification for the Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGP) by the Government of Canada. This accreditation will permit AIT Canada to possess or transfer controlled goods in accordance with the Defense Production Act and the Controlled Goods Regulations. The CGP is a Canadian Federal Government Program administered by the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). The CGP is a stringent security program that controls the examination, possession, and transfer of certain controlled goods.

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