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AIT Canada Project Portfolio

Axton IndustriesBaseplate for pump & motor assemblies
Ballard Power SystemsSkid assembly for 250KW power plant
BC Ferries   Ramp replacement for MV Kwuna
Boeing   787 Dreamliner positioning equipment
Boeing747 FAIT Automated Fuselage Join tools
Boeing   737 Automated Fuselage/Wing-to-Body join tools; Automated Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizer Boring fixtures

Seaspan shipyard modernization project tooling


Learjet 85 assembly positioners


CSeries assembly positioners


Q400 EPCS tooling


Factory platform cells and positioners

CHC Helicopter Corp.  Portable working platforms and helicopter transportation systems
The Drypers Corporation  Poly mask and cut-N-space machines for disposable diaper inner liners
Ellett Industries Stainless steel heat exchanger
Fairchild Dornier    728 Automated Fuselage Join Tools and Work Platforms
GKN Westland   Refit tooling (helicopter)
Highland Foundry    Burner plates

Lantec Winch & GearWinch housings & components

LearjetAutomated Fuselage Join tools
Lockheed Martin    
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter positioning equipment
Mainland MachineryMining equipment

Marcon Metal Fab
Bridge guard railing
Raytheon Canada
Spy-3 Radar Structures for U.S. Navy, Altar feed

Rolls-Royce Canada (Marine Division)

Marine propeller blades & casing plates
Vought Aircraft 787 Dreamliner positioning equipment, access stands
Universal Studios  ET Adventure Ride bicycle vehicle assembly
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